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welcome back here you are watching our top story japanese police arrest a gang of suspected looters sought to be targeting homes in the nuclear evacuation zone meanwhile there is concern over the health of those living in the area with more than half the children they are testing positive for radiation. new sexual assault charges against. france. falls apart the french writer says she was attacked a decade ago but khan's lawyers say it's. true. and there is a worry in eastern europe over a pushy neighbor as two thirds of all those. plans for the page.
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to say there are historically linked and better off together. so the top stories next where we visit to assess his post soffit existence after a year that's seen violent conflicts and revolution. kurdistan the central asian country and former soviet republic. in the space of just five years this state has gone through two revolutions the country is divided into two parts both by the mountains and by the unresolved conflict between the developed north and i call cultural south. and kurdistan overcome its political and ethnic standoff could there be a repetition of spontaneous riots involving
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a mass loss of life. and . tucked away in the mountains one hundred fifty kilometers from the capital bishkek is a village of actos at best only six hundred villagers are left here now. but when kurdistan was part of the soviet union people from all over the republic were eager to come here. with the word that these are mine don't use the or was taken from them in the open pit heavy duty bella's trucks are brought in from there as you can see the roads are still here in soviet terms they produce three hundred tons a day at that time all arcturus villagers work here but even that was not enough so they brought workers from other places. the head of administration as showing the
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former pride of the village the factory producing uranium ore. from the open pit was brought here it was processed and sent to the laboratory for further tests that. fell into decay in the first months after kurdistan secession from the soviet union extracting the hazardous or was no longer worthwhile as there were no buyers most of the villages inhabitants left it within a few years those who stayed behind had to learn to survive amidst high radiation levels and rampant unemployment. this is the sort of bread issues that we grew. a tiny patch of land one back from the mountains a few sheep and two cows that's all that the only russian family left in the village has to survive on. sankoh and her husband worked at the factory until one thousand nine hundred two. we're sad and it's not only by the situation
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in which we see the same mess we're in this is very very sad. the factory was shut down in one thousand nine hundred two. many other factories inherited by the young state from the soviet union suffered the same fate. of. former soviet republic independence on august thirty first one thousand nine hundred one the country's population is five million. account for seventy percent of the total. mostly live in the country south make up eighteen percent while russians account for eight percent the country's capital is bishkek. its president from one thousand nine hundred to two thousand and five. in march two thousand and five he was deposed during the so-called. from two thousand and five to two thousand and ten coming back but he was head of state power following events on april seventh two thousand and ten. sharpshooters were firing from here they stood
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upright sticking out their heads they were there and they're everywhere. among the thousands who took to the streets of bishkek two thousand and ten. those events were later dubbed the second card is revolution on that day demonstrators only want the authorities to heed their grievances their response was gunfire. ah. here's a shot at us and bush does back i thought i could dead falling to the ground right here his leg was bleeding i carve him with my body if you need to kill somebody kill me he is not guilty. yet the protesters demanded the resignation of the country. these leaders especially president kurmanbek bakiyev. the irony of the situation was that five years
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before by kiev came to power in the wake of a similar uprising. i. have a lucian was the name given to the events when the first targets president ask was stripped of power in two thousand and five this flower is one of the country's symbols. i. there were no fountains here back then but the square was absolutely flooded with people at the time. about twenty five thousand i think. we joined the crowd as it headed for the white house name. alexander even though for members the great enthusiasm but engulfed people gathered in bishkek central square in two thousand and five. after a enforcements from the south came demonstrators broke into the presidential palace in bishkek. when you just want to quickly realized that the house of cards was
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falling apart. that inspired us with the hope that the president would step down. everybody was in a state of euphoria. when president kind of left the country coming back baccy of came to power. the euphoria that characterized the chill of revolutionaries began evaporating only a year later when the new president chose to pursue the same policies that eventually toppled his predecessor. gave top government posts to relatives and friends. in two thousand five hundred even though it was a buy kiev supporter in april two thousand and ten he joined street protesters once again. at that moment i already knew the situation and i said to myself this regime will be told to either we get them on the rule or they will simply be. torn to pieces. and i think it's
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a natural epilogue for machias presidency. it's a typical ending for a government which came to power violently with them after the cools the in general colored revolutions were performed by the same script will score from the rose revolution in georgia the orange revolution in ukraine and the revolution in kyrgyzstan that in the last one was virtually transformed into a cool in the. meanwhile cargo planes were landing on the runway of the russian air base of cancer twenty kilometers from bishkek they were carrying russian reinforcements to the troubled republic the airborne battalion was sent to defend the base in case of danger.
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our job is to protect installations which are situated in his territory. notably the cantera base affiliated facilities as well as russian citizens living here. as a matter of fact russian military personnel had no problems in connection with the april lights. within the town of canceling it was a special situation here. as far as i know there are no plans to oppose the base and indeed there's no activity against it. serves as the air mobility of supporting operations in afghanistan but perhaps just
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as important to those that are assigned here is cultivating good relationships with the local people this trailer is taken from the website of a us air base which is situated close to count strength it shares a runway with minus international airport u.s. servicemen claim they get along well with locals. the fact is however that villages nearby are not as friendly as the americans claim they are plagued by the constant roar of cargo planes taking off several times a day. there is an airport near here most of the planes fly in some distance away but quite a few come here too and first lots of them flew around here but when people started complaining they turned it down a bit even so airplanes come and go around the clock. relations between locals and the u.s. military went downhill after a tragic incident between private sector rehab fields and
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a fuel service in truck driver. alexander even off was shot and killed by the private so on that day his colleagues came to me and said alexander was shot dead by an american soldier what shot dead how come we don't know. it is still unclear why the private behave the way he did according to hatfield he fired in self-defense because he claimed you know attacked him with a knife however several pieces of evidence do not corroborate the theory. that it's nonsense given that alexander was one hundred eighty centimeters tall and had filled one hundred sixty four and this metal chair had bullet hole in the back. we were told that the bullets went from top to bottom which simply proves that alexander was something he'll. bishkek appeared to if he did public demands that the u.s. base be closed but mannus is a crucial strategic hub for supplying coalition troops in afghanistan. the issue of the american presence became
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a bare faced bargaining chip in talks between the black kiev government and the us state department as such u.s. cargo planes continue to take off from curtis territory. those critics should have been brought to justice instead of the contest elections we the young people of the cookies republic have been under the yoke of corrupt regimes for years we have fed up with the continuing cycle of deceit we have taken part in the latest revolution to topple the criminal regime and pay for it in our blood. in two thousand and ten rallies in central bishkek became just as routine as the changing of the guards kurdistan's political life gathered strength following the second revolution it took scores of political parties only a few months to emerge on the political scene in order to contest parliamentary seats. the prospect of new elections inspired both hope and anxiety it was obvious
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to many that those who lost might stir up the people to take to the streets again that would mean another revolution and a new wave of violence. it
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is four thousand two hundred meters above sea level. two hundred kilometers from here. this is the site of. several hundred meters deep.
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can carry one hundred. trucks i'm. sure you can see some of the big. place in the factory the smelting furnace. extracted from the. draw. to it. then it goes into this eleven where the temperature is one thousand five hundred degrees celsius the gold is melted in two and a half to three hours we still cold every two days so today we'll produce four bars weighing about one thousand five hundred ounces all together. the computer picked
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belongs to a canadian firm for that reason the production process follows western standards every single piece of equipment and even the workers clothes have been imported from canada. the staff enjoys high safety standards and is well paid many others would like to be employed here the enterprise is one of the largest sources of taxes for the country's national budget the factories managers have no interest in revolutions and elections taking down and. they are confident that they will be able to come to terms with any regime. we have good cooperation his government good cooperation. people. work. to meet our. contributor. budget in kurdistan. production accounts for forty percent of the country's industry but kurdistan is still largely allen grammarian country nearly half of its population is employed in agriculture industry at best accounts for sixteen percent of the country's g.d.p.
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in the first six years of independence the gross domestic products dropped by half the country's external debt is around four billion dollars money sent by migrants working abroad is one of the main sources of revenue. like the comptroller corey this tiny enterprise lives of foreign investment but of a different kind in the past tourists were only too willing to buy locally produced carpets scarves and felt caps the items made by the small factory are quite costly because they are handmade. we pressed felt three times by hand to make it hard enough. we use died felt to make headgear. is hundred days because we want to make sure that it resists where in time.
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before the april revolution the crossmen had pinned their hopes on an influx of foreigners in the hope of amassing a handsome profit but the uprising did a lot of harm to their business tourists stayed away from the troubled republic. just frankly. goods made of felt was a very tough job. on april the seventh and eighth we had stood our customers from switzerland. nearly every hour they received calls from the embassy telling them to stay at home. in october people expected a repetition of the disturbances that have taken place in april in the run up to elections the streets of major cities and small villages alike were plastered with political propaganda posters back in the summer about one hundred political parties fight for seats in parliament but in the end only thirty parties were allowed to take part in the elections before the polls got underway they had been seen as
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a crucial event with far reaching ramifications for the nation they were to pave the way for a constitutional reform marking the transition from a presidential republic to a parliamentary republic. which we will work in a serious and responsible spirit. to make sure that the parliamentary elections do take place and are held in a peaceful atmosphere in conformity with the election. the republic. contrary to expectations the election passed off in a cam atmosphere but when the votes were counted it became obvious that the pendulum of politics. had swayed again. the election to be won by the short of party consisting of supporters of x. president bakiev who was deposed in april. all party leaders should stick their political ambitions up you know what and get down to economic matters and why
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because we have a deficit of nearly fifty percent of the total budget people all across the soviet union used to say that cuba's done was an owl of democracy. they described our people as democratically mindedly. buyable was one of those who helped bring about the april revolution she attended rallies outside the government building for three days in a row the protesters say they will not allow a counter revolution to happen that's how the people who to posed by kiev have dubbed the electoral victory of the at a short party our knowledge through a stolen by the other showed party those were unfair elections. this is the kurdish version of a question polo the carcass of a goat is the ball in this traditional game them of both teams to kick the goat carcass into the goal him back captain of the local team is a promising player but in april he took part in
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a far more fascinating competition involving a mass of people at that time he and friends went to bishkek to topple president by kiev back maintains the card is politics and his favorite game have a lot in common. this game is like politics two teams chase a goat it's almost like chasing power in bishkek it's the political technique of the game. local politics is based on a tense standoff between industrial regions in the country's north and impoverished agrarian regions in the south they represent two teams trying to seize power from each other. first card as president comes from the norm. he was toppled by the. close knit community they helped one another as best they can. to keep. and sank living in the north. does.
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help each other. before came to power had served in the local police for a long time he was born and when becky of became president was replaced with someone from the south now makes a living as a postman this time he is leaving bishkek for the place he dislikes most of all the country southern capital of all. neighborhoods and polluted shops serve as a reminder of a vicious conflict the ethnic standoff between curtis and backs. the border between kurdistan and his back stan was drawn in soviet times it didn't matter that a dense population was part of the republic after all it was part of
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a single country the soviet union however interethnic violence erupted following the collapse of the us s. or one of the bloodiest confrontations began in the early hours of june eleventh two thousand and ten and lasted for nearly five days. the city of instantly fell into two camps people wrote their identities on the walls of their houses to indicate to the tenant was. there were signs on some of them but help never arrived the city's administration was powerless throughout the riots neighborhoods were truant out. vito's in your house my daughter her husband and i have not even had the opportunity to make ourselves a tome fair when it was burned down we were left out in the cold. nobody
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knows how many people died in the june confrontation official figures put the death toll at more than three hundred and speak of nearly a thousand injured however locals are sure that the figures are several times higher i mean you've got then you have been we never separated backs were muslims. don't be afraid don't they have parents mothers fathers. what do they want. this is. second attempt to build a house back in may he took pride in showing off his two storey homestead to neighbors it had taken him three years to build it in the wake of the june chaos only the foundations remained but how he is in no mood for despair he receives breaks from charities little by little construction work goes on. if we abandon our
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homes and go somewhere where will our homes be and what's the point of going anywhere this is our land our ancestors lived here no we aren't going anywhere we are going to build homes and live here. the house is unlikely to be completed any time soon for now refugees live in tent camps. there is no running water it has to be taken from a well cooking has to be done inside the tent the only way to warm a home is with a fire or electric stove there are several such places and a small memorial wall stands in the center of each one where pictures of the dead are posted. i knew this man his name is john is a dean he served as an weighs in in a mosque when old it happened had rumors saying the mosque had been set and fine when i came there i saw that he was dead. had been trying to defend the mosque is where the.
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this is the sixteenth century mosque which is the most remarkable site in. so far it's the only symbol of possible reconciliation in this divided country. locals encourages coming from the north pray together here they are joined by those blacks who share the same faith. and. the head of administration of the dying village of actors could have moved to the capital a long time ago his relatives live there and bishkek both a higher standard of living yet he stays in his native village but not solely because of patriotism he believes that actors will once again become as prosperous as a was in soviet times and many in kurdistan look to their country's future with optimism . somebody will get down to work here sooner or later and it will go on anon that
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life will take its course and the village will be restored.
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